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EP 164 | Podcast Hiatus, Xbox Series S this seasons big winner, Spiderman: No Way Home Trailer


Yes, you read it correctly, we're taking an extended break after this episode.

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EP 163 | Please fire Bobby Kotick, Rockstar Admits things aren't perfect, Apple puts the customer first?!


Hi! It's episode 163!

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EP 162 | The Worst Remaster Ever? No more YouTube Dislikes? Steam Deck Delayed? At least we have Obi-Wan Kenobi to comfort us


Listen, just don't buy the GTA definitive edition.

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EP 161 | Do Graphics Cards need to be transported in armoured cars? Gaming on Netflix, NFT collectables in games


Fast and the Furious 10: GPU Gangstas

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EP 160 | Why is Nintendo so bad at gaming, Google Stadia Rebirth, Meta, Samsung Cloud Gaming


We discuss the burning question: Does Nintendo even care?

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EP 159 | Sick Kids, Broken Arms, Facebook needs to be taken out back behind the barn


DJ's Kris and Mike back again spitting some hot FIYAH

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EP 158 | Our kids turn 3, dbrand takes on Sony, New MacBooks and Pixels


The Dads discuss their kids turning three.

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EP 157 | Canadian Thanksgiving, Massive Twitch Data Leak, Emulation and Piracy


The Dads go over their weekend experiences before diving into the MASSIVE twitch leak that occurred. Finally they take a hard turn into a deep discussion on emulation and whether they like it or not.

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EP 156 | Listen, have we told you that Facebook is really, REALLY, shitty?


The Dads deep dive into the Facebook Whistleblower story and once again want to remind you that Facebook is a bad thing. Also, we talk about our kids.

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EP 155 | Activision Blizzard Gets a Slap on the Wrist, Facebook Aware of Negative Impact of Social Media, Super Mario Bros Movie


We get some unsatisfactory results from the Activision Blizzard lawsuit, get really depressed about Social Media, and then mope about the new Mario Brothers movie! Wow!

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