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Two dads who also happen to be nerds. We certainly aren't experts but we're open to sharing our experience with other nerdy dads out there!

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EP 52 | Listener Proves Mike Wrong, "The Man" WWE Lawsuit, Kids Do Stuff


Listen, sometimes you have the time to listen to the entire podcast before you write this description and sometimes you don't. This is the latter. It's a great episode. You'll love it.

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EP 51 | Post Bedtime Hangout, WearOS Smart Watch, Hobby Talk


This week the Dad's dazzle everyone with the fact that they actually hung out in person after bedtime. Then review Fossil's WearOS based smart watch. Then talk about hobbies. Yes, hobbies.

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EP 50 | Important Announcements, Williams First Night Away, D23 Expo


You've never seen such a jam packed episode! The Dad's tease their plans to support the Extra Life Charity, hop into some corrections, slide over to an interesting listener email, skip to the latest baby updates including Williams first night away from t

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EP 49 | SWAT'ing, SNES vs Sega Genesis, Streets of Rage


What year is it?! The dads talk Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis in this episode due to the exciting new release of the Genesis Mini! And, of course, we've got some more baby news to share!

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EP 48 | Summerslam 2019, Corrections, Nintendo Switch


Not much baby action this week, so the Dads talk about the latest WWE PPV, SummerSlam held in Toronto! Then dive into some minor Corrections Cul-de-sac action, and of course end with a delightful listern email from our newest superfan!

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EP 47 | Crawling, Walking, and so much more!


So much has happened in the baby world this week that we dedicate nearly 3/4 of the show to it. Both kids have officially become independently mobile, we throw in some corrections to our previous corrections (correctception)

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EP 46 | Aquarium Visit, Mike Forgets Everything, Fortnite World Cup


In this episode we discover that Mike is losing his memory, as well as other fun stuff such as Ben and Henry's first visit to the Aquarium, a video game in which rats eat people, and the very lucrative Fortnite World Cup!

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EP 45 | Cottage Review, Listener Mail, Comic-Con


In this episode: The Dad's do a final review of their cottage vacation, respond to some viewer mail, and then do a big dive into Comic-Con!

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EP 44 | LIVE from the Clubhouse!


In this rare, unedited episode, the Dads are live on vacation in their secret attic clubhouse. Learn about their first family vacation in sunny Crystal Beach!

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EP 43 | First Babysitter, Goodbye Pediatrician, Mike's Last Comic


The Dad's touch on a tremendously wide breadth of topics this week. So wide that they aren't even going to bother listing them all in this description. Does that make them lazy? Perhaps. Does that make them efficient? Absolutely!

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