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Two dads who also happen to be nerds. We certainly aren't experts but we're open to sharing our experience with other nerdy dads out there!

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EP 32 | Easter, The Vagina Thing, Avengers Endgame


In this episode the Dads seemingly talk about any random thing that pops into their head. Topics range from Easter dinners, renaming corrections corner to the corrections den, dry vaginas, the maple leafs, cereal, spoilers, and the upcoming Avengers!

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EP 31 | Corrections Corner, Bens First Trip, William Gets Shots


In this episode the dads have a funny new segment with corrections, we discuss Bens first family trip to Virginia, USA only snacks, and then William's bad day after getting his four month shots.

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EP 30 | Game of Thrones Spectacular!


The Dads somehow come up with even more baby stories before starting to delve deep into their love of Game of Thrones prior to the final season starting this Sunday!

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EP 29 | Sleep Training, Baby-Led Feeding, and other Child Discussions!


The Dads double down on the child talk in this episode, delivering a solid 45 minutes of discussions about kids. Sleep training, Baby-led feeding, other small developments... they discuss them all!

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EP 28 | New Apple Services, Google Stadia


In this tech heavy episode the dads take a deep dive into the variety of new Apple Services announced during the recent Apple event, and then discuss the newly announced Google Stadia gaming system.

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EP 27 | Swimming Lessons, Google's New Console, More Diaper Drama


Is the future of Video Games digital and cloud based? The Dads take a deep dive into game distribution and discuss Googles (at the time) yet to be announced game console designed to shake up the industry! We also discuss the latest kid updates!

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EP 26 | Plans with Kids, Listener Question, Road to Wrestlemania


This week the dads discuss how challenging it is to try and make plans with other people, answer a listener question, and then discuss the ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA!

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EP 25 | Twenty Five Episode Retrospective!


In this special episode the dads have a good chat about what their kids have been up to and then take a deep dive into the podcast itself as they celebrate 25 episodes!

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EP 24 | Mom's Night Out, Sleep Schedules, Pop Culture 20 Years Later


This week Mike gets to parent William all on his own (for the first time ever), we discuss sleep schedules and how our kids are sleeping, and then take a step back in time and take a look at some of our favourite games, movies, and things that turn 20!

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EP 23 | Jolly Jumpers, Apex Legends and Battle Royale Games


This week the Dads discuss the joys of the Jolly Jumpers and then take a deep dive look at the entire Battle Royale market, including the new kid on the block Apex Legends. The numbers, the money, how much lasting power does it all have?

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