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Two dads who also happen to be nerds. We certainly aren't experts but we're open to sharing our experience with other nerdy dads out there!

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EP 22 | Learning CPR, Grab Bag of other stuff


This week we learn about the adventures of Mikes CPR class and then go off the rails and discuss whatever random stuff pops into our heads. Very professional!

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EP 21 | WWE, Kids first steps to nerd-dom


The Dads decide to pull back the curtain on their love for WWE Wrestling and have a full blown discussion about their hopes and dreams for Wrestlemania. Then they flip the switch and talk about how excited they are to introduce their kids to nerd stuff

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EP 20 | Crazy Baby Names, Baby Dreams, Vinyl Comeback


Podcast EpisodeWe take a good hard look at the strangest baby names coming out of Canada this year and pass some significant judgement upon them. Then we swap some delightful baby stories before things go off the rails and we start talking about records,

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EP 19 | 2019 Entertainment, Mother Goose, Longest Listener Email Ever


In this extended episode the Dads take a quick look at all the 2019 movies and video games that they're looking forward to missing, talk about their childrens exciting new Mother Goose program, and then finally review the longest listener email ever

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EP 18 | Baby Observations, CES Highlights


In this episode, the Dads talk baby stuff and nerd stuff. What a surprise!

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EP 17 | Hospital Visits, Dad Bods, Babycare


In this episode we learn about umbilical hernias, discovering that raising children is great for our dad bods, and a bunch of other random stuff!

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EP 16 | Family Podcast Reviews, Baby's First Christmas


Happy New Year! In this episode we discover what Grandma thought about the podcast, discuss how the kids handled their first Christmas Holidays, and then end up talking about how quickly the kids are changing!

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EP 15 | Dream Nerd Houses, Mikes Crazy Obsession


The Dads reveal their nerd sides by discussing what they'd do to their houses with an unlimited budget and then we pull back the covers on Mikes strange obsession with game boxes.

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EP 14 | Visiting Santa, Baby Brain, Watching Movies with Kids


A hearty discussion about what life is like in Kris' basement, how the visit to Santa went, how baby brain is affecting our lives, and then how on earth can we see the latest movies now that we have kids!

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EP 13 | "Santa was much cheaper when I was a kid"


The Dads talk about what the kids are up to lately and drop right into a big Christmas chat!

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