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Two dads who also happen to be nerds. We certainly aren't experts but we're open to sharing our experience with other nerdy dads out there!

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EP 4 | "Here's an AK-47, baby!"


The Dads discuss what they've been doing to prepare for the baby. A healthy discussion on what toys and gadgets they've collected so far, what toys we played with, and has baby technology gone too far?

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EP 3 | "I'm wearing pants, therefore you'll take the gas!"


The Dads switch gears and decide to discuss their pregnancy experience so far. A heartfelt review of their maternity classes since they're halfway through, opting to use midwives instead of just an OB, and how supportive they've been throughout!

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EP 2 | "Those kids and that Fortnite"


This week, the Dad's talk video games! How they plan on gaming into fatherhood, introducing their kids to gaming, and revealing that one of kids already has a PSN account.

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EP 1 | The Inaugural Episode


The (almost) Dad's get to work figuring out this whole podcast business and somehow record an entire episode. Prepare yourself for discussions about baby names, potential pregnancy pacts, and what are we going to do about social media!

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