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EP 85 | COVID Chronicles 9: Somersaults, Mother's Day, Gigabit Internet, Podcast Game Night!


In this happy episode the kids learn some new acrobatic tricks, become addicted to video game music, what happened on Mothers Day, Kris gets Gigabit internet, and then the Dad's talk about hosting a Podcast Games Night!

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 67 MB | Duration: 47:05m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

EP 84 | COVID Chronicles 8: Finally a Warm Day, Animal Crossing Mishaps, Twitter Questions


A rare warm day brings the dads out of hibernation as they head outside for the weekend! The kids have some new tricks up their sleeves and then the dads talk PC Gaming!

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 67 MB | Duration: 47:04m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

EP 83 | COVID Chronicles 7: Parent Burnout, Kids are Bored, Last of Us 2 Story Leaked


The Dad's share their struggles with parenting burnout as their kids get bored and desire more entertainment. Then we swap war stories before talking about the Last of Us 2 leaks!

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 63 MB | Duration: 44:17m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

EP 82 | COVID Chronicles 6: Headbutts, Vet Visits, WWE Drama


Play structures, headbutts, spit touching, WWE is essential, WWE fires everyone, the Dad's agree to try Stadia's free trial FOR YOU.

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 64 MB | Duration: 44:52m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

EP 81 | COVID Chronicles 5: Groceries Online, New Office Equipment, PS5 Controller Reveal


The Dads are so bored during the Quarantine that the podcast just keeps getting longer! Listen to us be fun and friendly friends.

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 78 MB | Duration: 54:43m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

EP 80 | COVID Chronicles 4: Don't use Zoom, Last of Us 2 Delayed, Wrestlemania 36


We didn't have enough room in the title for the dozens of topics that we covered, each for 2 minutes a piece! It'll help pass the quarantine!

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 82 MB | Duration: 57:24m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

EP 79 | COVID Chronicles 3: Virtual Games Night, Kids Like Outside, No News Happens During Coronavirus


The Dads are back and talk about virtually socializing with friends and family, discuss how their kids love hanging out outside with the nice weather, and then how literally nothing is happening in the news that isn't Coronavirus related!

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 73 MB | Duration: 50:45m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

EP 78 | COVID Chronicles 2: Adapting to the New World, DOOM Eternal, Animal Crossing, PS5 Specs


It's a new world out there and the Dad's share their stories on how things are different and how they're responding to life's new challenges. Then they talk Doom and gaming habits, and then talk about Animal Crossing (which neither have played).

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 81 MB | Duration: 56:48m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

EP 77 | COVID Chronicles: Quarantine, Society Adapting, C&C Remastered


Safe in their own homes, the Dads talk about how they're having to adapt to their Quarantine life. Then how companies are adapting (maybe permanently) to these new circumstances. Then finally Mike surprises Kris with news of C&C being remastered!

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 68 MB | Duration: 47:53m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

EP 76 | Last of Us TV Show, Coronavirus Ruins Everything, Stadia Still Sucks


A return to form this episode: Mike discovers a fatal flaw in Kris selling his PS4, a discussion about Coronavirus causing part shortages, and then talking about game streaming services and the struggles they're having.

Filetype: MP3 | Size: 76 MB | Duration: 53:09m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

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